About Me

SEO Consultant & Photographer

Hey! I’m Nate Torres. I’m a portrait photographer and marketing consultant, providing educational photography content while also teaching photographers how to grow their business and brand through SEO.

While working part-time as a photographer, I was a full-time Enterprise SEO Consultant. I’ve helped provide SEO consulting and strategy for enterprise companies such as Allstate, Bill.com, Vyond, and many more. I have brought in millions in additional revenue for these companies due to the power of SEO.

Now that I’m a full-time photography content creator, I focus on combining my two skill sets — photography and SEO. Being a photographer myself, I know what it takes to run a photography business and how to drive more organic traffic and potential clients to the business through SEO.

Here you can find my SEO Profile. I have also had the opportunity to speak and teach other photographers about the power of SEO at the Visual Storytelling Conference.

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What Others Have Said:

Amy Elmayan

Director of SEO at Paperless Post

“Nate is an extremely sharp marketer, and talented SEO professional. I really enjoyed working with Nate and admire his positive attitude and willingness to adapt and do whatever it took to make his clients happy. Nate’s creative approach to SEO inspired our entire team and is something I will take with me moving forward. I know Nate will go on to do great things and look forward to continuing to follow his journey!”

Brendan Hufford

Founder at Growth Sprints

“Nate is one of the most professional and thorough marketers that I’ve ever worked with. His clients (and his team) love him and it’s easy to tell why: he has an infectiously relaxed positive attitude that draws a stark comparison to his immaculate work quality. Over my years as a marketing leader, it’s rare to find these two wonderful qualities in the same person, but this balance that Nate strikes makes him great to work with and an incredible asset to the team.”

Juliann Rosales

SEO Consultant at The Home Depot

“Nate and I worked on multiple SEO projects together. During that time, we collaborated to research market trends, resolve technical issues, create content strategies, implement SEO tactics, and more. Nate always took initiative and proactively communicated to get a job done. This was refreshing and created an overall wonderful working experience. He is detail-oriented and always put the work in required to deliver high-quality work!”

Why choose ME

Select me as your go-to expert for SEO services or learning SEO, and you’ll gain insights from someone who not only understands the intricate world of search engine optimization but also has firsthand experience in the photography industry. Here’s why I’m the ideal choice:

Unique Blend of Expertise

As a full-time portrait photographer with a background as an enterprise SEO consultant, I offer a rare combination of artistic vision and technical SEO acumen, ensuring not only stunning photography but also maximum online visibility for your work.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

My deep understanding of both the photography and SEO industries allows me to create tailored strategies that perfectly align with the needs and goals of photographers, helping to effectively showcase your portfolio and attract your ideal clientele.

Proven Track Record

Leveraging my extensive experience in SEO, I have a proven track record of significantly improving online presence and search rankings, ensuring that your photography business stands out in a highly competitive digital landscape.